Monday, June 10, 2013

Comfort Zone

Taking that leap or even small step from your comfort zone is always challenging. Its like entering the void of the unknown. 
I spotted this simple visual when i was planning to leave my perfectly great life in Sydney. Sometimes when I'm having one of those WTF have i done moments in London I take a look at this and think oh yeah that right, 'm living life :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A New City. A New Life. A New Day.


Well its been a while since i have been active on my blog but in the last 8 months i have made lots of life changes! 

Firstly after a busy year of working 2 jobs and saving all my pennies I finally  decided to take the plunge and follow my dreams of travel and living and working in London. 

I applied for a UK working Visa, quit my design job, said goodbye to my life in Sydney and with my boyfriend by my side we set off on the adventure of a life time.

With no direct plan besides my end destination London, we arrived in LA last August 2012 and traveled through Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Aruba, Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, New York, Paris and London. Needless to say it was the most incredible experience of my life but i would need anther blog to talk about that!

Fast forward to our last stop London. The dreaded time had come to say goodbye to my best friend, boyfriend and favorite person in the world Alex. 
After following our joint dream of traveling together it was now time for us to part to follow our individual dreams, mine to work as a designer in London and Alex's to go back to study in Australia. 
 It wasn't the end of our love story, it was a beginning of a new chapter for us in our relationship and our personal goals. It was sad and scary but also exciting.

Fast forward 6 more months and I'm still in London and trying to live the dream. Its been a fun, happy, cold, inspiring, hard, insightful, enlightening, defeating, lonely, surprising and joyus 6 months. Everyday away from my loved ones, my comfort zone and home makes every day A NEW DAY.

With this new experience I have decided to wipe my blog clean and start a fresh. 

I felt like what was on my blog previously was a great reflection of my time in Sydney but it was also time to let go and fill pages of this space with the experiences of each new day in London. 
I want this space to not only be a way to express my design but also about other interests and experiences in life and what influences me as a individual and designer. 

I hope who ever stumbles across my space will enjoy my journey :) 

With that all said let this new day begin.... :)